Who we are ?

Mind Merge Data Recovery was founded in year 2004 by Mr. Wasim Zafar, an IT Graduate who was than diverted from a private job to data recovery industry with the vision to help not only businesses, and government organizations, but individuals and families who had lost their precious data.

Mind Merge Data Recovery Services has office in Istanbul, Turkey as well and in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are also interested to extend the network of our services across Pakistan. If you are interested in becoming a Partner please visit our Partner Program.

One of the critical part in data recovery is availability of donor drives in case of physical problem, we are glad to have some international companies providing great assistance in obtaining donor drives more quickly.

We are here to Serve You

Mind Merge Data Recovery is proud to be the first data recovery company in Pakistan offering RAID Data Recovery from almost all types of Arrays. Our company offers efficient, high-quality data recovery to keep the government running and people working. We also work with families and individuals, so no one has to suffer the trauma of permanent data loss.

We know exactly what’s at stake, whether it is sensitive business documents or once in a lifetime memories caught on film. Mind Merge Data Recovery is the only place to find fast, secure and professional data recovery at affordable prices.

Mind Merge Data recovery is well equipped professional data recovery company with industry standard hardware/tools, certified engineers, and highest success rate. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about modren storage devices and OS, especially advance file systems like, VMFS, NFS, ZFS, this also rule us out as leader in Pakistan

Do Not Risk Your Data !

We have provided data recovery services to many national and international companies including hospitals, universities, computer companies and home users. We are the only international company in data recovery in Pakistan.

We are also offering Safe Data Erasure Services and with our research and development we provide more solutions to the problem of hard drives and data recovery. Mind Merge data recovery engineers make a great effort to provide our customers with quick and professional services.