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Supported File Systems: FAT, NTFS, Ext, VMFS, ZFS. NFS. HFS+

Why Mind Merge Data Recovery ?

Mind Merge Data Recovery for several years to execute sensitive data recovery operations and with a clean-room facility our dedicated team of professionals can perform complex physical recoveries with no compromise on quality or efficiency.

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Professional Data Recovery Services

We Offer a wide range of data recovery services from all type of

Hard Disk Drive, Servers with different RAID Levels, NAS Servers, DVR, SSD Drives.

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Clean-room facility is one of many requirements you should be concerned when choosing a data recovery company. Opening hard disk in non clean environment will put your data at high risk or may be permanent loss due to media contamination. Mind Merge Data Recovery is first company in Pakistan equipped with Industry Standard (Class 100) clean-room facility. Mind Merge Data Recovery Experts can recover data from almost all type of Hard Disk Drive, Laptop Hard Disk, USB Hard Disk, Enterprise Hard Disk from all interfaces.

RAID / Server Data Recovery

Mind Merge Data Recovery is the only professional company in Pakistan who is offering advance level of data recovery from RAID / Servers. We stand out to be the first data recovery company in Pakistan offering RAID Data Recovery from almost all types of Arrays. Our company offers efficient, high-quality data recovery to keep the government running and people working. We also work with families and individuals, so no one has to suffer the trauma of permanent data loss. Our dedicated staff work 27/7 to complete the job in shortest possible down time for your organization.

USB Disk Data Recovery

Western Digital is one of leading manufacturer for external hard drives, My Passport, My Passport Ultra, Element, My Book with different interface. Western Digital use hardware based encryption on most of these drives which makes data recovery complex specialized especially from Passport drives. Due to portability these drives are mostly victim of human errors e.g dropped, Water Damage etc. At Mind Merge Data Recovery you will have peace of mind because we sign a non disclosure agreement with our customers.

NAS / SAN Data Recovery

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level storage server connected to network providing data access to a diverse group of users. NAS units are actually purpose-build specialized computers and became more popular in 2010 due to faster data access, simple configuration and easy to use. NAS contain one or more hard disk drive arranged as logical, redundant storage or RAID. Typically they provide access to file using different network file sharing protocols e.g AFP, NFS, SMB/CIFS. It support RAID reliability, redundancy, flexibility, and disaster recovery. Many hard disk manufacturer are offering NAS units in market now.

SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drive (SSD) are different from traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The traditional HDD use moving parts that uses spinning platters to store magnetic data whereas an SSD on the other hand uses flash memory (NAND) and has no moving parts. It also provide better performance and reliability over traditional HDD. Solid State Drives (SSD) are now increasing in everyday use. SSD drives are more common in laptops now-a-days and some time multiple SSD configured as a RAID 0 / 1 for better user experience.

DVR Data Recovery

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are widely used in small to large scale business for surveillance/security purpose. In case of software/hardware malfunction data on these hard drives can not be accessed via normal computers due to their different file system.  DVR data recovery is very specialized due to wide range of manufacturer in DVR industry their proprietary file system which they use to store digital videos 24/7 on these hard drives. All the major manufacturer of hard drive build special family drives recommended to use in DVRs.

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What is Data Destruction

Data Destruction is a process used to permanently erase sensitive information by using military security standards and academic algorithm from Tape, Personal Computers, Servers, Portable/USB hard disk drives.


As time goes, we are creating more and more data every day, either it is personal memories or high tech researches. we all want to protect our data from unauthorized used. Protecting sensitive business information from leakage is also a primary concern for IT personals.

We offer reliable services for data destruction jobs, if you are looking for a bulk data destruction job, we invite you @ 03006689939 to talk in detail about the services we offer.

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we have already helped several companies to ensure that there sensitive data is permanently erased. we also use widely known and accepted paid software for secure data destruction. we have state of the art facility to perform bulk data destruction jobs.

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Mind Merge Data Recovery Partnership Program provides you with a white label data recovery service that will make a fine addition to any existing computer repair or tech support business. We recover data right here in Faisalabad, Pakistan. With our fully equipped clean room and experienced staff, you don’t have to worry about providing questionable work, or the risk involved with shipping a sensitive hard disk half way across the Pakistan.

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