SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drive (SSD) are different from traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The traditional HDD use moving parts that uses spinning platters to store magnetic data whereas an SSD on the other hand uses flash memory (NAND) and has no moving parts. It also provide better performance and reliability over traditional HDD. Solid State Drives (SSD) are now increasing in everyday use.

When an SSD suddenly fails, it’s bad news.  The core problem with solid state drives data recovery is complexity of their internal structure and even worse that some controller “Sandforce” encrypt all the System as well as user area with AES encryption.

More and more SSD drives are now in the market and need of data recovery is there. SSD use NAND technology to store data which in case of a malfunction require special knowledge and expensive tools to recover. Manufacturer encryption is another challenge in recovery data from SSD.

SSD drives are more common in laptops now-a-days and some time multiple SSD configured as a RAID 0 / 1 for better user experience. We can successfully recover data from SSD even configured as RAID.

We are the first company in Pakistan offering SSD data recovery. Our certified engineers can successfully recover data from SSD drives of different brands e.g ; OCZ, Corsair, RunCore, A-Data, G.Skill, Crucial, Micron, Intel, Plextor, Samsung, Seagate, Kingston, Sandisk.

There are certain cases where a chip off technique is required to recover data from SSD, Mind Merge has the ability to successfully retreive the data in case where chip off is required also. we are striving to offer the peak line data recovery services in Pakistan through continuous research and development.

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